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vermis n : the narrow central part of the cerebellum between the two hemispheres [syn: vermis cerebelli] [also: vermes (pl)]

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vermis, vermis m (Diminutive: vermiculus)
  1. A worm

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Part of the structure of animal brains, the cerebellar vermis is a narrow, wormlike structure between the hemispheres of the cerebellum.


It is the site of termination of the spinocerebellar pathways that carry subconscious proprioception.
Recent research on the posterior cerebellar vermis indicates that this particular area of the brain may be linked to the brain's natural ability to integrate and analyze inertial motion. Specialized cells in this area, known as Purkinje cells, are now thought to receive sensory information from the vestibular system of the inner ears and use this to compute information about the body's movement through space.

Clinical significance

Dandy Walker malformation is a congenital brain malformation that is characterized by enlarged posterior fossa and in which the cerebellar vermis is absent or present in merely a rudimentary form. It is also commonly associated with dysplasias of brainstem nuclei.

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Image:Human brain midsagittal view description.JPG|Human brain midsagittal view


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